Information for Tenants relating to Assured Shorthold Tenancies

1. Applying For The Tenancy

Once you select a suitable property through Fitz Homes, we shall complete a confidential Application Form. We shall require names and addresses of preferably four referees, your Bank or Building Society, your current Employer, and two persons being of good standing who have known you for at least two years (not a relative). If you are currently renting a property or have recently done so we require the name and addresses of the Landlord. 

If you own a property, which is subject to a mortgage, we require a reference from your mortgagees.

Our enquiries are Private and Confidential and will include a Legal Credit Check to verify your financial status as a prospective tenant.

You are required to pay an administration charge at this stage. It is non-refundable if you withdraw or you are unsuccessful in your application. 

We request this fee as proof of your intention to proceed.  Payment does not constitute a tenancy or offer of tenancy.

The administration charge covers taking up references, preparation of the Tenancy documentation and all other matters relating to completion.

At this stage, neither party is legally committed to proceed but, subject to contract, it is helpful if you let Fitz Homes know the proposed date of completion of the tenancy, i.e. the date when you would like to move in provided that all the formalities can be finalised by then.

2. Tenancy Documents

On receipt of satisfactory replies to reference we shall prepare the Tenancy Agreement and accompanying Legal Notices. We endeavour to forward these documents to you in good time for completion with full instructions as to the procedure to be followed.

3. Monies To Pay

When you sign the paperwork and return it to Fitz Homes we shall require the following payments, at least 4 working days before completion to allow for clearance.

  1. Security Deposit:  A sum equivalent to one and a half months rent.  If we are the managing agent for your property, this sum will be sent to The ​Deposit Protection Services. In unmanaged properties the deposit is sent to the Landlord who then sends it to The Deposit Protection Service.
  2. In both cases it will not be released until you vacate the property and all rent and other expenses have been paid i.e. Water Rates, Council tax, Electricity, gas and any necessary repairs such as gardening, maintenance or cleaning costs occasioned by your use of the property.  There will be an administration fee of £100, plus VAT, for time spent by Fitz Homes arranging necessary cleaning or repair work.
  3. First Month’s Rent in advance. Thereafter all rent is payable by Standing Order at least three working days prior to the due date.  Regardless of the number of tenants in a property the rent must be paid as one amount.  We shall charge you if it is necessary to take any action for late or non payment of rent.
  4. You may wish to renew your tenancy at the end of its term. There will be a charge of £75, plus VAT, per property to cover the administration costs of preparing new documents.

Please let me know if you experience any financial problems during the tenancy. If we are aware of the situation at an early stage it is much easier to assist you in resolving matters.

4. Inventory

An Inventory of the contents, furniture, fittings and effects may have been prepared. This is checked and agreed with you at the beginning of the Tenancy. It is important that you take care when agreeing this document as it will be verified again at the end of the term.  I recommend that you are present at both checks.

5. Tenants Obligations

These are set out in detail in the Tenancy Agreement but basically you are in charge of the property and must act in a responsible manner towards it, ensuring it is properly secured when you are out, maintaining adequate heating during winter months, cultivating the garden (if any) and generally looking after the property as a reasonable owner.

If the property is Leasehold, you are also bound by the rules contained in the owner’s lease. I do not usually hold these documents but may be able to obtain copies from the client if so required. If so, a later completion date may have to be agreed to make the necessary arrangements.

6. Fitz Homes

We shall tell you at the outset whether or not I am instructed to manage the property on behalf of the Landlord. If so, any questions relating to your tenancy should be referred to us in the first instance.

Fitz Homes shall also provide you with a Schedule relating to Emergency and Routine Maintenance which will apply when we act as Managing Agent for your Landlord.

Fitz Homes shall endeavor to resolve any difficulties as quickly as possible and with minimum inconvenience to you.

If Fitz Homes are not managing the property we shall provide you with your Landlord’s details. You must then contact that person direct for any matters arising from the tenancy.

7. Routine Inspections

If we manage the property for the Landlord, it is subject to regular inspections to check on the condition, cleanliness, state of garden (if any) and your progress as a tenant.

We shall endeavor to make a convenient appointment with you but I reserve the right to make a charge for the failure to attend / keep to that time. Inspections are carried out during weekdays between 9am and 2pm.

8. Utilities

If we are managing agents for the property, on commencement of the Tenancy we shall contact the Services Authorities to transfer the services into your name having taken initial meter readings. You will need to apply direct for the supply to be provided. You are also responsible for payment of Council tax and Water Rates and Fitz Homes shall inform the authorities of the tenancy.

If we are not instructed by the Landlord to manage your property, you will need to contact the relevant authorities yourself, or liaise with your Landlord to this effect.

In addition you are responsible for paying for the use of a telephone (if any). British Telecom have a policy of carrying out a credit check on potential customers before connecting the line. 

At the end of the tenancy we shall take final meter readings.  You are responsible for payment for final accounts for all services and Council Tax.

9. Other Responsibilities

You are responsible for payment of the television licence regardless of whether or not a television is provided by the Landlord. You are also responsible for insuring your own personal effects.

10. Burglary, Fire or Other Major Incidents

You should contact the Emergency Services and / or Fitz Homes Lettings immediately. You should also notify your Landlord if we are not managing agents. 

In addition for properties which we manage, please refer to the schedule for emergency and routine maintenance (see 6 above).

End of Tenancy

The Agreement may not be terminated early.  The Tenant is responsible for the payment for the entire agreed term.  At least 2 months prior to the end of tenancy the Tenant must confirm intention to renew the tenancy or terminate it at the agreed term.  It is often possible to renew the tenancy for a maximum of twelve months less one day and to allow the tenancy to be ended at any time by the Tenant serving two months written notice.  However, you are advised that Tenants must ensure their departure date is on the same calendar day as the original expiry date.  Money will not be refunded if the tenancy is broken mid-month. 


These notes are for guidance only. Please contact FHL if we can be of any assistance to you.

We hope that you will find this information helpful and look forward to working with you as a tenant.

Report of Notice

All our properties have a strict No Smoking / No Pet Policy unless you have written permission from the Landlord or FHL.